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We work with you to understand your current digital ecosystem, assess your current digital capabilities, setup and best practice adherence. Once we get a clear picture of you current state we will deliver a diagnostic. From the diagnostic we will thenk work with you to build a plan and help you make it happen.


1- Review

2- Map out

3- Diagnose

4- Plan

5- Develop

6- Implement

7- Launch

This workflow will help you and your organization produce outcomes with measurable, traceable and optimizable capabilities. Each organization user case is tailored to its specific makeup.

Digital Readiness


We create a tailored approach for your existing or new E-commerce channel & business area. Depending on your industry, type of goods or services sold, we work with you to identify the best ecosystem to deploy your efforts in from platforms, payment solutions, operational details, fulfillment, reservations, logistics, branding, advertising & media.

- Vertical assessment

- Competitor landscape

- Platforms

- Content Management Systems

- Payment gateway & integrations

- Tagging & Tracking

- Media account setup

- Advertising

Each tactical plan will follow a global strategy defined by the organization and translated into the E-commerce business.



We work with you to map out the largest gaps that you have for your data needs and tackle the most painful part first. If it is creating a data warehouse, ETL, combining data, single view, cleaning data, visualization or even analysis, we'll work with you to map out these areas and build a solution for you.

- Data mapping

- Data integration

- Database

- Datamart

- Merging data sources

- Cleaning data

- Presenting the data

- Dashboards

- Analysis & recommendations

By focusing on increasing website traffic by earned and paid channels, combined with optimizing the conversion flow, we accelerate your business growth. 



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Stock Market Data



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Through our process we leverage digital technology to improve existing operating proceses and models. We deep dive into your current assortment of digital media and provide an optimized proposal for your future facing setup. Some of these are:

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

- Pay Per Click (PPC)

- Social Media Organic

- Social Media Paid

- Content Marketing

- Knowledge Graph

- Affiliate Marketing

- Influencer Marketing

- Email Marketing

- Meta Search

With out model you will be able to see how all the strategies affect many departments and how the process flow will look.

E-commerce Strategy
Analytics Consulting
Digital Marketing
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